About Us

About Us

Transforming finance at Broadshift Technologies – where innovation meets passion without sacrificing excellence.



Broadshift is a leading player in the fintech industry. Our multiple solutions and integrated networks have been instrumental to the development of Nigeria’s online payment systems. With multiple arrays of solutions, Broadshift strives to support individuals and businesses alike; We offer a technological-based approach to payment and finance.
Our goal is to create all-encompassing solutions that cater to the digital needs of our customers. Our solutions and services are safe, simple, and convenient. We are fully authorised to carry out services, and we have professionals who are entrusted with carrying out our business proposition in an innovative and passionate manner without sacrificing excellence.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a leading provider of financial technology solutions in Nigeria.

Our Mission

To build long-term relationships with our customers and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

Our Purpose

We are in business to provide functional solutions in the digital economy that benefits everyone. Using enhanced services and relationships; our innovations and integrations propel businesses, and individuals likewise to sustainable growth


Broadshift is a leader in the global bill payment and Fintech industry, these are our core values.


We implement ideas and take action immediately. We don't dawdle. We set SMART goals, and achieve them swiftly.


Excellent customer experience is pivotal to our operations at Broadshift. Our solutions and products are curated specifically to meet the needs of our customers.


Fintech is a flourishing industry. As a leading player in the industry, we embrace creativity and innovation.


Our ethical business culture is an integral part of our overall corporate identity. We ensure everything we do as a company reflects our core values by exercising sound judgement and unbiased decision-making.

We believe in collaboration between teams; putting our heads together with customers to drive the business forward, and identifying core pain points - then acting with agility to solve them. Together, we accelerate emerging ideas into real solutions that deliver services, while creating meaningful customer experiences.

- Lanre Ogunya


We are inventive

By standards, we are committed to taking transactions in the fintech industry to a higher degree by creating new opportunities.

We are collaborative

We encourage teamwork, cross-collaboration, and integration of ideas across departments within the organisation

We are adaptive

Our ability to ADAPT to developments in the fintech industry is our competitive edge. We foresee changes, anticipate them, and plan.

We are forward-thinking

Continuously seeking innovation, we strive to stay ahead of the curve in fintech, pioneering cutting-edge solutions.


Meet our dynamic, skilled and highly experienced management team


Join us to revolutionise payments and simplify life.


We create positive impact by fostering social responsibility and sustainable practices.