We are on a mission to providing payment and messaging solutions that enables individuals and organizations prosper. ​​

Why join us?


We operate an open-door policy with transparency. We have an inclusive culture in which every employee is involved in the day-to-day operations of the company.


We maintain our commitment to providing a workspace that is safe, comfortable, and drives creativity.


There is a system in place that allows employees to make a difference in their community and form relationships that extend beyond the workplace.


Our employees are equipped with present-day gadgets and technological tools that facilitate the efficient delivery of services.


Individuals with various characteristics make up our workforce. This helps create a diverse workplace and encourages different perspectives.

Employees are treated like people

We value our employees and recognise them as individuals with unique needs and ideas.


Interested in working in Fintech?

Broadshift is the place for you. We are growing fast and looking for talented people to join us. Check our jobs page and get in touch


We know it takes more than a name to be a leader in the fintech industry. To achieve our corporate goals, we prioritise hiring people with common values. We are passionate about our work, but we still leave room for fun and socialising. We’re all about a work-life balance. There is a reason you are here. Now that you've taken the next step, we hope you'll contact us to see if one of our open positions is a suitable fit for you. Only the best get hired.

“Broadshift is not only concerned with broadshift. It is responsible for the development of its employees. The company ensures the personal and professional growth of each individual team member. The company invests heavily in educating its employees about financial technology for comprehensive industry knowledge..”

Funke Balogun
Business Development Officer
“I joined Broadshift as a full stack engineer. Here, we have a fantastic bunch of people- a very driven, intelligent, and mission-focused team. The environment here is fast-paced; where everyone strives to be better. I have learned so much from this team. As a full-stack engineer in the fintech industry, I utilise my skills to create innovative solutions that make utility payments effortless"

Toheeb Bello
Software Engineer
“At Broadshift, the company’s mission is boldly stated, and every employee runs with it. The business model shows that the company is empathetic to its employees. My co-workers are super-smart, and the leaders are easily accessible. There are lots of opportunities to grow within the company, develop your skill set and heighten your creativity. .”

Deborah Samuel
Customer Support Rep.

Strategically positioned, Broadshift pioneers seamless payments services for the unbanked.