We remain steadfast on our mission to revolutionise bills payment and messaging, here is how we do it. ​


For seamless and convenient utility bills payment, Vtpass is the most trusted. Paying bills shouldn't be challenging. You'll love how easy it is to pay bills. Vtpass is an user-friendly and intuitive platform designed to make bills payment convenient and exciting.

Bills Payment Aggregator

VTpass transforms bill payments by consolidating diverse services into one platform. With real-time updates, secure transactions, and flexible payment channels, it provides an elevated and streamlined experience, simplifying your financial transactions like never before.

API Integration for Bill Payments

VTpass offers robust API integration, allowing seamless connectivity with various utility providers for efficient and real-time bill payments. Enjoy the convenience of automated transactions with our technologically advanced payment system.

Multi-Layered Authentication

VTpass implements multi-layered authentication measures to guarantee the legitimacy of each transaction. Our advancedn payment authentication system enhances the security of your account, protecting it from unauthorized access.


BULK SMS is a powerful tool for businesses to send and receive large volumes of text messages quickly, securely, and efficiently. With BULK SMS, you can easily reach a wide audience, quickly and effectively communicate with customers, and get feedback from employees.

API Integration for Seamless Connectivity

Integrate this messaging solution into your existing systems effortlessly with our robust API. Enhance connectivity, synchronise data, and ensure a smooth flow of information across your applications.

Robust Analytics

Monitor the performance of your SMS campaigns with our robust analytics tools. Gain insights into delivery rates, open rates, and recipient responses. Use data-driven metrics to refine your strategies and maximise impact at same cost.

Two-Way Communication

Enhance engagement with our two-way communication capabilities. Enable recipients to respond to your messages, creating a dynamic and interactive communication channel. Foster real-time conversations and gather valuable feedback.